house adorned in christmas lights | avoiding electrical accidents at christmas | Unified Electrical
How To Avoid Electrical Accidents At Home This Christmas
The silly season is upon us and it’s that time of year when the Christmas tree comes out, the decorations get put up and the festive lights go on, both inside and outside the home. With all the additional electrical devices in use, it’s worth an extra bit of vigilance
ceiling fan with curtains | how effective are ceiling fans? | Unified Electrical
How Effective Are Ceiling Fans?
At this time of year in Brisbane, as the temperature peaks and people start losing sleep as we struggle to stay cool at night, the annual debate is usually raging in homes across the city. Budget-conscious homeowners look for the most cost-effective ways to keep the air circulating in their
LED Lighting in a living room | LED Downlights vs Halogen | Unified Electrical and Communications
LED Downlights Vs Halogen: The Benefits of LED Lighting In Your Home
What are the key benefits of installing LED downlights vs halogen? When it comes to lighting your home or office there are now a multitude of choices. The humble light bulb comes in many different shapes, sizes and types and lighting technology is evolving constantly. We’ve come a long way
living room with air condioning | benefits of reverse cycle air conditioning | Unified Electrical
5 Top Benefits Of Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning
Are you enjoying the beautiful Brisbane winter as much as we are? What’s not to love about the clear blue skies during the day and the cool nights, which make sleeping so much more comfortable? Sometimes, however, the drop in temperature at night has people reaching for the winter woolies
rental property | electrical maintenance | Unified Electrical
A Property Managers Guide To Electrical Maintenance
As well as maintaining the good physical appearance of a property, to keep a rental property safe for all occupants it’s vital to ensure that all the electrical systems are in good working order. As well as regular electrical inspections, what other electrical maintenance checks should property managers undertake and
household electrical safety | Unified Electrical
The Top 5 Household Electrical Safety Tips When You Have Kids
Every year in Queensland around 70 kids under the age of 15 end up in hospital after suffering an electrical injury and more than 20 of them are under 5. With approximately 40% of Queensland households having kids, we thought it was worthwhile sharing our top 5 household electrical safety