Electrical Safety Inspections

electrical inspection | Brisbane electrician | Unified ElectricalAs electrical systems age, they can develop serious and potentially fatal problems. Our electrical inspection reviews your existing installation for safety and compliance with current laws and standards.

Our trained electrical inspectors will provide a written 10 point report that covers all areas of an electrical installation. We provide a detailed report of any faults that are identified through the inspection process. We also provide recommendations to improve efficiency and cost savings for your electrical installation.

Key areas of our inspection are:

  • Visual wiring inspection
  • Earth integrity inspection and test
  • Polarity test
  • Correct connections
  • Fault loop impedance
  • Safety switch trip time
  • Insulation resistance test

For a limited time only we are offering a Free Electrical Safety Inspection for homeowners wanting to ensure their homes are safe and compliant with current legislation. Bookings are essential.

Contact our Campbelltown Electrician or Brisbane Electrician, today to book your inspection.