Safety Switch Installation

safety switch installation | Brisbane Electrician | Unified ElectricalSafety switches are the greatest safety improvement for electrical systems that have been introduced in the last 20 years. Countless lives have been saved due to safety switch installation, but tragically not all electrical systems are adequately protected by them resulting in death and injury to unsuspecting people.

By law all power circuits in an installation must have a safety switch, also known as a residual current device (RCD), protecting them. This is not only good practice, but most importantly has been proven to save lives

We highly recommend safety switch installation on all circuits including lights, air conditioners, power points, electric ovens, hot water systems and pool equipment. This provides a high level of protection from potential electric shock, and reduces the risk of significant injury or death resulting from contact with live wires or faulty electrical equipment. Always turn the power off regardless if you are entering the ceiling space.


Essentially there are 3 types of RCD or safety switch:

  • Switchboard Safety Switch: 
    In residential properties, switchboard safety switches can be found alongside circuit-breakers. Most electricians (and homeowners) prefer to combine circuit breakers with a safety switch for lighting and power circuits in the same board.
  • PowerPoint Safety Switch: 
    These are fitted to particular power points and are ideal for protecting appliances in areas such as bathrooms or workshops.
  • Portable Safety Switch:
    These can be attached to extension leads, for example, to protect you when using portable appliances.

Make sure you test your safety switches every month by pressing the test button.  If it gets stuck it probably needs to be replaced.

Our Campbelltown Electrician and Brisbane electricians are available to install safety switches in both domestic and commercial properties now. Contact us today to get a quote for your safety switch installation.