rental property | electrical maintenance | Unified Electrical
A Property Managers Guide To Electrical Maintenance
As well as maintaining the good physical appearance of a property, to keep a rental property safe for all occupants it’s vital to ensure that all the electrical systems are in good working order. As well as regular electrical inspections, what other electrical maintenance checks should property managers undertake and
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household electrical safety | Unified Electrical
The Top 5 Household Electrical Safety Tips When You Have Kids
Every year, throughout Australia approximately 100 children under 15 years of age are hospitalised and at least 1 dies as a result of electricity related injuries. The majority of these accidents happen at home and when you consider that kids have personal access to so many electrical devices now, we
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rcd protection box | safety switches | Unified Electrical
What Level Of RCD Protection Do You Have?
One of the most common call-outs we get as emergency electricians are because someone’s RCD (Residual Current Device), otherwise known as a safety switch has tripped or is repeatedly tripping. Often people don’t really understand what a safety switch does and why it’s important for electrical protection. So in this
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electrical safety switch | Brisbane electrician | Unified Electrical and Communications
Is One Electrical Safety Switch Enough In Your Home?
At Unified Electrical we take electrical safety in the home extremely seriously and we want to help spread the message: The risk is real. One electrical safety switch may not be enough. Between 1st July 2000 and 31st October 2011, there were 321 electrocution deaths reported to Australian coroners. That’s
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Free Electrical Safety Inspection
When we’re out doing jobs at clients premises, we often notice potential electrical risks and hazards that the home owners are unaware of. At Unified Electrical we want to make sure that your home is as safe as it can be and complies with all the latest safety legislation. That’s why,
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powerpoint wiring behind TV | are double adapters safe Unified Electrical
How To Avoid The Hazards Of Power Point Wiring
Does the back of your TV look like you’re powering a small city? One of the biggest issues in most homes now is that we don’t have enough power points to manage all of our appliances especially, for example, in the lounge room with all the technology around the TV. Apart
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